Thursday, October 11, 2012

Educational Resources

Here is a series of videos that the ACLU has been working very hard on.  You can check them out on our YouTube Channel,  Our goal was to do further education about felon disfranchisement, and create a series of videos to educate the public about this issue. 

You can see our basic educational video outlining the problem here.

This is a one minute public service announcement about voting with a criminal conviction in Wisconsin.

Here is a video that details the racial disparities that result from felon disfranchisement.

This video talks about the impact on women and families.

And finally, there were three stories that came out in the interviews that we just felt like they were too good to not share.

James Hall on the history of voter suppression tactics.

Paula Pennebaker on taking her daughter to vote.

Bridget Piggery on not being able to take her kids to vote.

We have also completed the report that was funded through the same project, Unlock the Vote.  It is available on our website here:  We also have some printed copies of the report and some DVDs if you would like one.  We also have cards that explain the legal requirements for voting with a criminal conviction in Wisconsin.  They are available on our website here: